Moving relocation date query

    (a) migrate (move) not to be with his family in "Zodiac" and "columns" (lunar calendar birthday of the "heavenly stems and earthly branches"), rush, especially bogey and the owner of "post" square punch. (Radial impulse and ugly is not rushed, Yin Shen Chong, passage, Chen Xu Chong Chong, SI Hai Chong. Xu Yin Shen XING, ugly is not punishment, Mao penalty, Chen Chen, Wu l, unitary unitary, Hai Hai from the punishment. )

    (b) migrate (move) try to use "water day" is better than "fire".

    (three) new House sat to: towards East who bogey in has, and unitary, and ugly (three alloy) days moved; towards West who bogey in Hai, and d, and not (triad wood) days moved housing; towards South who bogey in Shen, and child, and e (triad water) days moved housing; sat North who bogey in c, and afternoon, and Xu (triad fire) days moved housing.

    (four) owner of "day column" (lunar birthday of "Zodiac supported") for Yang Gan (as methyl, and c, and e, and g, and ren) who, should be selected "Yin Shi" (as: ugly, and d, and has, and not, and unitary, and haishi) moved housing for JI; for shade (as: b, and d, and has been, and Xin, and GUI) who, should be selected Yang Shi (as: child, and c, and e, and afternoon, and Shen, and all courtiers are invited) moved housing for JI.

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