Folk moving customs

    (a), move the items to be prepared

    1, rice: rice barrel, with eight full

    2, red envelopes: on top in m barrels

    3, new broom and dustpan, which need tying red cloth

    4, water: water barrels of three full

    5, dishes: even better, put it in a bucket

    6, furnace

    move you must put these items into the kitchen, everything else can only moved into the House, others took some mud in the past, you can avoid acclimatized.

    after the move home, evening worship the ground that day, the legendary Foundation of shorter, when you worship at the kitchen door, placed offerings of the table cannot be too high. Prepared by:

    1, boys (home cooking), a dish, a meat, a soup, a bowl of rice.

    2, three cups of wine

    3, red candle

    4, fragrant three-column

    5, Shou Jin, the Earth God, gold

    6, lit in Hong one-third, started beside the door and incense, sacrificial offerings and immediately after the burn is complete. (Note, when moving to a new House to worship avoid using silver paper)

    (now moves usually have to get firewood, rice, oil, salt, broom on the line, and then select an auspicious day auspicious times to a new House, new House, after the family of advanced, others may enter the House, within the time the ignition gas stove to cook something to eat, then you can be assured of a slowly moving other stuff. )

    (b) taboo when moving

    If a pregnant woman in the family, moved to pay special attention to prevent tire God, and tried not to move, if not move not to let pregnant women to leave the scene, and in old places every move a thing, first with a new broom sweeps, so avoid to disturb the fetal God. Other some taboo:

    1, moving day, do not scold a child, not angry.

    2, moving day, said some of the auspicious words as much as possible.

    3, we cannot greet people.

    4, moving day is not available in the new NAP, after otherwise prone to illness.

    that night, asleep in five minutes, have to work together, said bed also, meaning health, folk children sleeping in bed, too, lie down and then up, otherwise susceptible to illness.

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