Relocation matters related to liability insurance

    coverage 

      has a legally operating licensed moving companies can be insured under this insurance. 

      in the relocation process, due to the insured's negligence negligence of staff: 

      1, damage to customer's property; 

      2, bodily injuries or damage to property, economic liability according to law shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company is liable for. 

      the prior written consent of the insurance company legal fees and other costs, the insurance company is also responsible for compensation. 


    limits 

      limit is the maximum amount of liability of insurance companies, determined by the insurance in accordance with risk consultations on both sides.

    insurance procedures

      1, to any Office of the company, or to have insurance and permit relocation of the company to obtain insurance, insurance terms and related information;

      2, inform the subject-matter insured risks;

      3, determine the liability agreed premium rates;

      4, fill out and submit the application form.


    insurance accident occurs after treatment

      1, after the insurance accident occurs, the insured shall immediately notify the insurer immediately take proactive measures to avoid losses further expanded;

    before   2, without consent of the insurance company, the insured do not make any promises or compensation;

      3, upon confirmation of insurance, the insured shall provide the necessary information required by the insurance company and prove that loss payments approved by the insurance company.

    relocation  liability insurance provisions


     insurance 

    the first relocation company (hereinafter referred to as the insured) in the relocation process, because of the worker's employment caused by the negligence or fault of the customer's property or in the process of moving of property or casualties caused by a third party, shall be borne by the insured's liability according to law, the insurance company (hereinafter referred to as the insurer) according to the relevant provisions of the insurance, pay compensation. For the accident of the insured pay legal costs and other prior written consent of the insurer to pay the costs, within the agreed limits of liability of the insurer is liable for damages. 


     no property 

    second the following property is not within the scope property: antiques, crafts, stamps, documents, books, technical documents, charts, bonsai and he was unable to identify the value of the property. 


     release 

    the third insurer not liable for the following: 

     1, is for the insured services of any responsibility for injuries suffered by; 

     2, insured, by hiring staff or its agent's property or property under their control; 

     3, intentional acts of insured; 

     4, other losses do not fall within the scope of cover. 


     insurance 

    fourth period of insurance for the transport of goods consignment note the term. 


     limit 

    following the fifth article of the insurance compensation limit: 

     first, the handling of property accumulated during the period of insurance compensation limit of 300,000. Limit of indemnity for any one accident 10000 Yuan; 

     second, third party liability the cumulative ceiling on compensation of 200,000 yuan, and property damage personal injury to 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan. 


     compensation 

    sixth insurer, within the limit of indemnity for any one accident in accordance with the following method for calculating compensation: 

    , caused by handling property loss: 

     (1) per incident deductible and absolutely for 300 yuan; 

     (2) all property losses, according to the real value of loss compensation is part of losses, according to the basic compensation for restitution of repair costs, but are limited to the replacement value does not exceed the losses, each no more than 10,000 yuan. 

     second, third party liability damage caused: 

     (1), calculated according to the actual loss compensation for property losses, each accident up to 1 million Yuan. 

    stub after the seventh loss of property, price discount to the insured, and deducted from the compensation. 

    eighth prior written consent of the insurer to court costs and other fees be calculated separately, maximum limits of each to a maximum extent. 

    after Nineth compensation occurred during the insurance period, the immediate termination of the insurance liability. 

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