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    United States, New York, stands, building 1, 27-storey building, which is India's richest man Mukesh Ambani spent $ 1 billion to build a new home, is the world's most expensive mansion to the public. However, since the completion in October last year was taken, this building has never used. Reportedly, Mr Ambani thinks building the Feng Shui is not good, shortage of sunshine is not only reluctant to find a local moving company to move.

    mansion bigger than the Palace of Versailles the 27-storey mansion block, can only be described as luxurious. Inside the building including 9 lifts and 160 parking spaces, with a large swimming pool, inclusive and 50 public cinemas, 3 helipads, large range of gym, transparent Ballroom stage for hundreds of people watched plays and number 10 sitting rooms, room residential equipment such as, total cost exceeded $ 1 billion.

    was previously reported, the mansions of the area than the Palace of Versailles, but lived only for Ambani 1 5-port and servants for up to 600 people. Fewer new homes East window and the dawn is not enough but, according to the United Kingdom media 25th leaked, Ambani 1 new homes has not been moved out after 1 year of completion, primary reason is to abandon the new House has bad Feng Shui. India temples and other ancient buildings 1 similar to Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, key 1 is the special value of the morning sun.

    Ambani new House at this point a bit perfect, while the indoor equipment 1 should taste, but Windows of the East remain notable enough, which made new homes in general look bad "Feng Shui".

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